Week 2 – Master Key, Personal Pivotal Need

So this week was a true test to my consistency…I have to admit that I fell off schedule a couple times with my readings. Following the linking exercise, I do notice the colour blue and the rectangular shape more consistently now.

I was on my way home when the topic came up of personal pivotal needs, so I could not do the activity right away. However, I immediately connected with recognition for creative expression and liberty.

I have always been one to use my creative instincts…writing, sketching, cooking and baking are my passion and as a baker and event planner I can utilise all of them in one project. Liberty and creativity go hand in hand. I love turning someone’s idea, their vision, into reality. Cooking and baking allows me the opportunity to bring people together, where we not only share a meal, we create a memory. When baking, I become a part of your journey…the cake, the custom dessert that I create tells your story. My most memorable creations are the ones where I connect with my clients.

My connection to liberty is really what I am working into my new blueprint. I have always been the listener, that friend who is always there for everyone else, the one person who puts everyone else first and tries to make everyone happy.

The self love, personal growth journey that I am on right now is finally making me put myself first. I have taken on the IDC attitude and I am working on “reprogramming” my mindset to prioritise myself and pursue my dreams.

My emotion still gets the best of me sometimes, but nowhere near where I used to be.

Published by Leigh C

I love to cook and bake. I love reading and writing, especially poetry. I am a baker and an entrepreneur, currently on a mission of personal growth towards financial freedom and would welcome anyone who is truly interested in pursuing their dreams to connect and share!

8 thoughts on “Week 2 – Master Key, Personal Pivotal Need

  1. Hi, Leigh!! Wow!! So much growth already! Let me guess, are you a blue? πŸ™‚ I enjoyed reading about your passions! Giving to others is an awesome feeling!! Keep up the great work! You are on your way to finding your true bliss!! I look forward to reading more of blogs!! Peace by your journey!


  2. Hi Leigh, you did a great job connecting with your PPN’s
    I am working hard on that one but I’m sure I’ll get it…cheers


  3. And then there’s Leigh, staying strong, and growing stronger in Week number TWO! Learning how to her own self be TRUE. Yes. MKE charts the course; the rest is up to YOU!

    And you’re doing it…nice! Warms a Blog Rover’s heart, it does. πŸ™‚


  4. Excellent that you’ve chosen your PPNs and are working on that new blueprint! You definitely take cooking & baking to the next level–I’ll remind myself that I’m also making memories the next time I’m not that excited about cooking dinner! Thank you for sharing your perspective! πŸ™‚


  5. I just read your week 3 on PPN’s. When you said you are taking the IDC attitude I had to laugh. My little 2 year old has been saying that way too much at preschool lately and I can’t imagine where he hears it. Anyway your writing is a delight to read.

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