Week 6….hmmmm

I don’t know what to say…it’s been a hectic week. New job, new hours…I’m exhausted and yet at the same time I also had the chance to see that my perspective has changed.

Where I would have complained and be reluctant for change as I have never really been a “morning person” I found that I rather enjoy waking early, getting a head start to the day and coming home before dark. I am still a night owl at heart…which is where the exhausted feeling kicks in…as I am getting nowhere near enough sleep for my current work schedule.

The scheduling is haywire and I need to sit down over the weekend and really reorganise and plan my days better. However, to put things simply…reflecting on who I am, where I want to be and how I plan to get there has allowed me to be open to change and understand the necessity of adjustments. What we fight for now will reap greater rewards later. I am blessed and I know that, now I just have to commit to myself further in order to get what is mine.

Published by Leigh C

I love to cook and bake. I love reading and writing, especially poetry. I am a baker and an entrepreneur, currently on a mission of personal growth towards financial freedom and would welcome anyone who is truly interested in pursuing their dreams to connect and share!

5 thoughts on “Week 6….hmmmm

  1. Wow can I identify! Not a morning person and since living at the equator I’m awake when the sun is up sleeping when the sun goes down. I love the early morning before the world wakes up and I used to really not like it. Now it seems so precious. hmmmmmm…


    1. For whatever reason I haven’t quite gotten used to going out and coming home when it’s dark lol but the sunrises and peaceful quiet are much appreciated.


  2. As Davene reiterates the cliche in Week 7, Leigh, “Those that don’t plan to fail, fail to plan. Your progress is remarkable! 🙂


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