Week 7 – Mental Diet

So two weeks ago we were presented with the challenge to keep opinions to ourselves. Hands down, it has been the hardest thing of all for me to do…whether verbal or nonverbal, I tend to have an opinion for pretty much everything, my mind is constantly on the go.

Fast forward to this week…can you imagine trying to do a seven day mental diet?

If this is unfamiliar to you, a mental diet involves no negative thoughts. You have seven seconds to get the thought out of your head and replaced with a positive one otherwise you have to start the whole exercise again and begin at day one.

Needless to say, pretty much every day this week has been day one……..LOL

The weather, the driving, the new shifts and random sleep patterns that I am still working on and getting used to has definitely reinstated some opinions. I must say though, this program has certainly focused my thoughts elsewhere and brought forth my patience. I take the extra moment to think before I react.

I must admit, I have been slipping with the daily routine and exercises, however I do acknowledge the changes that I’ve noticed. I have made a commitment, a promise to myself and even though I have slipped with the tasks, I have to see it through.

Published by Leigh C

I love to cook and bake. I love reading and writing, especially poetry. I am a baker and an entrepreneur, currently on a mission of personal growth towards financial freedom and would welcome anyone who is truly interested in pursuing their dreams to connect and share!

6 thoughts on “Week 7 – Mental Diet

  1. Thanks for sharing your challenges with the 7 day mental diet. I am also experiencing the same but am going to be more conscious of using the law of substitution now. Upwards and onward.

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    1. Right? The webinar today was very helpful, great reminder of ways to avoid the constant reset and being more aware of yourself your thoughts.

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  2. “I have to see it through.” Leigh, oh yes you do. I know there’s more than just my eyes looking at you. LOL 🙂


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