Week 8 – NO TV…and try to last a full 7 days on a Mental Diet

So just like Mark said in the webinar on Sunday…I really don’t watch much TV…I am more of a reader and writer. That being said…with the new job and new shift that I recently started I tend to come home, have dinner and watch an hour or 2 of TV to relax and then bed.

So I decided to try this out….now i have to be honest, I am not gonna cut the TV plug. I did however fail miserably the first day and watched a 2 hour Christmas movie. On day 2 I tried reading instead but I just couldn’t focus on chapters of reading and still ended up turning on the TV…I set a timer this time and after an hour I was done. As the week progressed so did I. There wasn’t really any burning desire to watch TV although that was never really my thing. I have managed to get back to writing more and reading a book along with the daily exercises.

Music has always been my release. It is constantly playing in the background, even if it is just instrumental. Aside from my 15-30 minutes of complete silence, I enjoy having tempo in my life LOL.

My mental diet has improved considerably with the law of substitution…not allowing a negative thought to last more than 7 seconds by replacing it with something else. I did so well…until today….longggg day at work, crazy traffic and a “lovely” highway driver who not only had no courtesy on the road, he also felt the need to roll down his window and give me the finger…then come alongside me and just sit there in the traffic staring at me while giving me the finger.

My curiosity got the better of me to see who was driving and if he had a cell phone in his hand because I can own my mistakes and today wasn’t one of them. I attempted to let him switch lanes despite the fact that it wasn’t really a lane change but him cutting me off on the highway during rush hour traffic, I just don’t deal well with hesitation and then the fact that he acted like I did something wrong just through my mental diet out the window. The choice words that entered my mind when I saw him roll down his window and stick his hand out to give me the middle finger….and yet all I did was smile at him when he came up alongside me in the traffic. I’m pretty sure that just pissed him off even more….

Ah well….any improvement is a step in the right direction. And at this point in time I know I am blessed and all I do is be better than yesterday. With that in mind and my DMP constantly in progress, I am happy.

Published by Leigh C

I love to cook and bake. I love reading and writing, especially poetry. I am a baker and an entrepreneur, currently on a mission of personal growth towards financial freedom and would welcome anyone who is truly interested in pursuing their dreams to connect and share!

4 thoughts on “Week 8 – NO TV…and try to last a full 7 days on a Mental Diet

  1. Your blog, Leigh, begs two of my favorites. I always allowed other motorists to bother me, until some guy intentionally cut me off while driving across the High Street Bridge between Alameda and Oakland in the SF East Bay Area. I was giving this guy a sound what for until I saw him laughing his ass off in his rearview mirror. In a game of gotcha, he got me. Perhaps, some have tried to push my buttons over the many years ever since. Don’t know don’t care. I’ve seen some crazy, done some crazy. ANGRY? Never…well at myself a few times.LOL

    #2 comes from Wayne Dyer. For some reason his car stalled and he was blocking the cars behind him. Fortunately there was just one. Nonetheless, this guy decides it’s been way too long since he last used his horn, So honk and honk he did. While he did, Dr. Dyer walked over to this fella who had honked himself into a rage; looked him straight in the eye and calmly said, “Obviously you know a whole lot more about why my car’s not running than I do. So how about you fixing my car, while I get in your car, and honk incessantly while you’re doing it?” LOL

    Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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