Week 8 – NO TV…and try to last a full 7 days on a Mental Diet

So just like Mark said in the webinar on Sunday…I really don’t watch much TV…I am more of a reader and writer. That being said…with the new job and new shift that I recently started I tend to come home, have dinner and watch an hour or 2 of TV to relax and then bed.

So I decided to try this out….now i have to be honest, I am not gonna cut the TV plug. I did however fail miserably the first day and watched a 2 hour Christmas movie. On day 2 I tried reading instead but I just couldn’t focus on chapters of reading and still ended up turning on the TV…I set a timer this time and after an hour I was done. As the week progressed so did I. There wasn’t really any burning desire to watch TV although that was never really my thing. I have managed to get back to writing more and reading a book along with the daily exercises.

Music has always been my release. It is constantly playing in the background, even if it is just instrumental. Aside from my 15-30 minutes of complete silence, I enjoy having tempo in my life LOL.

My mental diet has improved considerably with the law of substitution…not allowing a negative thought to last more than 7 seconds by replacing it with something else. I did so well…until today….longggg day at work, crazy traffic and a “lovely” highway driver who not only had no courtesy on the road, he also felt the need to roll down his window and give me the finger…then come alongside me and just sit there in the traffic staring at me while giving me the finger.

My curiosity got the better of me to see who was driving and if he had a cell phone in his hand because I can own my mistakes and today wasn’t one of them. I attempted to let him switch lanes despite the fact that it wasn’t really a lane change but him cutting me off on the highway during rush hour traffic, I just don’t deal well with hesitation and then the fact that he acted like I did something wrong just through my mental diet out the window. The choice words that entered my mind when I saw him roll down his window and stick his hand out to give me the middle finger….and yet all I did was smile at him when he came up alongside me in the traffic. I’m pretty sure that just pissed him off even more….

Ah well….any improvement is a step in the right direction. And at this point in time I know I am blessed and all I do is be better than yesterday. With that in mind and my DMP constantly in progress, I am happy.

Week 7 – Mental Diet

So two weeks ago we were presented with the challenge to keep opinions to ourselves. Hands down, it has been the hardest thing of all for me to do…whether verbal or nonverbal, I tend to have an opinion for pretty much everything, my mind is constantly on the go.

Fast forward to this week…can you imagine trying to do a seven day mental diet?

If this is unfamiliar to you, a mental diet involves no negative thoughts. You have seven seconds to get the thought out of your head and replaced with a positive one otherwise you have to start the whole exercise again and begin at day one.

Needless to say, pretty much every day this week has been day one……..LOL

The weather, the driving, the new shifts and random sleep patterns that I am still working on and getting used to has definitely reinstated some opinions. I must say though, this program has certainly focused my thoughts elsewhere and brought forth my patience. I take the extra moment to think before I react.

I must admit, I have been slipping with the daily routine and exercises, however I do acknowledge the changes that I’ve noticed. I have made a commitment, a promise to myself and even though I have slipped with the tasks, I have to see it through.

Week 6….hmmmm

I don’t know what to say…it’s been a hectic week. New job, new hours…I’m exhausted and yet at the same time I also had the chance to see that my perspective has changed.

Where I would have complained and be reluctant for change as I have never really been a “morning person” I found that I rather enjoy waking early, getting a head start to the day and coming home before dark. I am still a night owl at heart…which is where the exhausted feeling kicks in…as I am getting nowhere near enough sleep for my current work schedule.

The scheduling is haywire and I need to sit down over the weekend and really reorganise and plan my days better. However, to put things simply…reflecting on who I am, where I want to be and how I plan to get there has allowed me to be open to change and understand the necessity of adjustments. What we fight for now will reap greater rewards later. I am blessed and I know that, now I just have to commit to myself further in order to get what is mine.

Week 5 – Opinionated?

So my biggest take away this week has been the verbal and nonverbal opinions…my brain is CONSTANT….the worst is on the road, and I don’t even have to be the one driving. I have managed to reduce what flies out of my mouth without having someone ask for my opinion….nonverbal cues however….that’s a work in progress.

Mental comments, questions and expressions need a lot more care and attention in order to stop those…in the beginning it just made it overload in my mind since I couldn’t say it out loud. I’m getting better though….I think….LOL

My visualization has gotten stronger and I can sit in silence for longer than 15 minutes without being bombarded by my thoughts or to do lists. And I see the colours and shapes EVERYWHERE!

Overall I’d say it’s heightened awareness and self reflection. I welcome both with open arms. Ready to see what’s next!

Week 4 – The Law of Giving and Receiving

I have always seen myself as a giver. I love people, I love to make people smile and be happy. I have always been the amazing listener, the loyal friend, the person that everyone can count on. Somewhere along the line though…I think I forgot about me. And by that I mean I spent so much time being that amazing friend that I kinda put myself on the back burner and now in my journey about me, my path to focus on myself I came to see the people who are truly for me, the ones who are genuinely in my circle and not just there for their own personal gain.

I was reminded about that this week…the law of giving and receiving. I mean if I;m constantly giving and not concerned too much about myself, I may miss the gifts and blessings coming my way. Throughout this journey, there is serious reflection….self reflection as well as taking a look at people, places and situations around me.

Now I want you to think about this…something so simple, yet often so easily overlooked. Week 4 they told us:

“Every seed has the promise of forests.”

What if we hold onto the seed? And think of it as just a mere seed not the potential of a forest…? We live in the now and want everything to happen right away…but takes time, nurturing, growth. If we plant the seed in fertile soil, as it gets exposed to sunlight and rain, it grows…eventually, there will be a forest.

It’s just like every one of us. We were born with greatness, with our own gifts. As we grow….physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…we discover our talents and our passions. Yet it is still up to us to nurture it and pursue it. So many times natural born talent goes to waste. Do what you love and love yourself. Without that, how can you expect true happiness? How can you identify the love of another, if you don’t love yourself first? How can your dreams really come to fruition if you don’t allow yourself the freedom and opportunity to identify them?

At a young age I wanted to be a lawyer. In my pursuit, I discovered it wasn’t for me. I had wanted it so much, that there was no plan B but I was always good with people so working in a medical office environment gave me the chance to help people so I enjoyed what I did. But…I didn’t love it. Eventually I became a clock watcher….waiting for my shift to end. My release, my calm…the kitchen. I love to cook and I love to bake even more. So that became my dream, that is where I find peace and I am genuinely happy every time, even on a “bad” day.

Find out what makes you feel like home. What makes you smile even when you want to cry. Find your passion, your love and go full force.

Week 3 of Master Key

So this past week has been rough….if I’m completely out there….I anticipate it weeks in advance. I’m saying this now cause it has passed and I wasn’t really in the frame of mind to write about it then….although it would have been REEEEEALLLY raw then…technically I could have wrote about this in week 2…

In case you haven’t noticed I’m very expressive and writing isn’t a problem, I just write on my own, I have a journal and that’s where thoughts and ideas and concerns go. This is COMPLETELY different…same process, just…there’s an audience now…

This master key experience has gotten me on a whole different level of reflection and looking at what I’ve been doing and how it has impacted my growth. Three years ago my mom passed away…two days after my birthday, right during thanksgiving. I’ve had a love hate relationship with the two ever since….I mean the “mourning” side says what’s there to celebrate? How can I be thankful and feel blessed when it feels like a piece of my heart was ripped out of my chest and taken from me?

I know it’s held me back…still does from time to time. Yet I also know that I am not doing anything for myself or her memory if I’m not happy, if I don’t pursue my dreams if I’m not all in. My commitment to myself has to be my number one priority and **** everything else. My circle has drastically changed since then and to be honest, so have I.

My need for liberty and recognition of creative expression is evident and already there I just don’t fully embrace it. These exercises has renewed my intuition, my reason to commit, my reason to fight. Despite the roadblocks and uphill climb I love the journey. I started it on my own awhile back moving at a snails pace…now I face it head on. This week has also shined a light on the fact that all of our hesitations are fear based. Despite what anyone says, we all fear failure to some extent…the reality of it though is without it, how would we learn? How would we grow? How would we become better if we don’t know how to fail?

What are you willing to sacrifice, to give in order to be your best?

Right now as I write this I realise that the biggest thing is…my vulnerability.

Week 2 – Master Key, Personal Pivotal Need

So this week was a true test to my consistency…I have to admit that I fell off schedule a couple times with my readings. Following the linking exercise, I do notice the colour blue and the rectangular shape more consistently now.

I was on my way home when the topic came up of personal pivotal needs, so I could not do the activity right away. However, I immediately connected with recognition for creative expression and liberty.

I have always been one to use my creative instincts…writing, sketching, cooking and baking are my passion and as a baker and event planner I can utilise all of them in one project. Liberty and creativity go hand in hand. I love turning someone’s idea, their vision, into reality. Cooking and baking allows me the opportunity to bring people together, where we not only share a meal, we create a memory. When baking, I become a part of your journey…the cake, the custom dessert that I create tells your story. My most memorable creations are the ones where I connect with my clients.

My connection to liberty is really what I am working into my new blueprint. I have always been the listener, that friend who is always there for everyone else, the one person who puts everyone else first and tries to make everyone happy.

The self love, personal growth journey that I am on right now is finally making me put myself first. I have taken on the IDC attitude and I am working on “reprogramming” my mindset to prioritise myself and pursue my dreams.

My emotion still gets the best of me sometimes, but nowhere near where I used to be.

Week 1 – Master Key Journey

So I am doing the Master Key Experience which is supposed to change my current blueprint and get me to a place where I can truly use my full potential in pursuit of my dreams. It’s just week one and it feels like school with binders, lessons, readings and homework…yes there is homework and this is one of the assignments.

I typically enjoy writing and when I heard there was a blog I figured, no big deal, I love writing this part will be easy…right? WRONG!

I tend to write for myself…thought process, get the hurt and pain out…while having some written memory of the happiness and excitement. That’s just it though….I write for me. I probably started this entry a dozen times already and kept wondering where to start or what to write because now who knows how many people will be reading it.

That’s when I really started thinking that it really doesn’t matter…this may help people or it may be completely irrelevant but at the end of the day I am just writing for me. Telling the story of my journey and figuring it out as I go along. There will be some people who will jump on and others who will criticize and others still who will have a different reaction at the end of the day if I’ve connected with at least one person, reached out to someone who may be going through something similar I’ll know that while I was growing, someone else got insight from my experiences.

I tend to keep a lot to myself and I know that this will help me get out of that comfort zone area…maybe I’ll even heal sooner from the shadows that haunt me every now and then.

So although I still have no idea where this experience will take me I am still excited for the ride! The personal growth I have experience over the last year has been phenomenal and I can’t even imagine where this will take me!

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