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Interviewer: October 15th, 2023 it is surprisingly warm, and I am honoured to be here to interview Owner and Creative Baker & Producer Leigh, of SweetLeigh Created. It gives me great pleasure to be the one to get you to share your story and I know this time of year is of great significance to you.

Leigh: Growing up it was always instilled in us that food and the kitchen was the heart of the home where friends and family gathered to not only share a meal but to show love to one another. I have always had a passion for continuing that belief and tradition throughout my life. Early on I hadn’t realized it yet, but it calmed me, it was a passion that I was born with and I always felt the need to share it with others.

Interviewer: Every person spends so much time rehearsing that one question…some dread it, some anticipate it. We’re going to reverse it. Where were you five years ago?

Leigh: I was the former, asking me where I see myself in five years, I never really knew how to answer. I mean how do you sit there being interviewed for an office job and tell them that you love to bake and want to own your own bakery? Five years ago, I was starting off on this incredible journey of self reflection and personal growth. There was so much going on in my life and I felt like it was a mess…emotionally, spiritually, financially. I was lost and didn’t know where to begin. About four years prior to that my life had taken on a crazy roller coaster ride which led me to the moment of shock with the death of my mother. Not knowing where to go from there I fell into a labyrinth of emotion until one day I decided to start training at the gym. There I found a personal guide, mentor and forever friend who showed me that my path, although covered with thorns and rocks was still mine to travel and I didn’t have to do it alone. From there I discovered new parts of myself, met new people and my perspective took a drastic change.

Interviewer: You have me at the edge of my seat now….do continue, tell us how you went from feeling as though you were lost in a labyrinth to this great success story now.

Leigh: With the help, support and inspiration of new friends I realized how important mindset really is in your life. It doesn’t matter what position you are in, it is your determination to change. How bad do you want to be better? What are you willing to do for it? Slowly I began to change my outlook, my habits and I saw the improvements, which only made me want to do more.

Interviewer: So, you’re saying mindset changed your life?

Leigh: I’m saying that mindset pushed me forward. You still must work at it but without the mind the action will never be there. You need to commit to yourself. We spend so much time helping others we often forget about ourselves. You have to give, yes…but you also have to be open to receive. Once I realized how much I deserved I was open to endless gifts. Within a year I began a strong relationship with an amazing man who was focused, driven and pushed me to be independent and dream bigger. With a love so strong I saw marriage in the near future, along with similar vision for our goals.

Interviewer: Amazing! Tell me about those dreams. What was next?

Leigh: I made a commitment to myself to have a balanced work-life. In the beginning I had to sacrifice recreational activities that deterred from my growth and spend longer hours on focused actionable activities put towards building both my personal and professional empire but in doing so, I was thrilled with the results. Within two years I was proud to own my own 2-bedroom home with a huge walk-in closet, newly updated wardrobe that exuded sexy confidence; an amazing bathroom with deep soaker tub AND shower! Needless to say, I got pretty close to my dream kitchen…industrial appliances, tons of storage and counter space where all my creativity came alive!

Interviewer: You have me picturing your lovely home with tantalizing smells of food and baking! What more can you tell me? I hope after all that hard work, you took some time for yourself?

Leigh: I wasn’t quite done yet…continuous planning got me to the point of my real dream…my heart’s dream where I could honour the two ladies who introduced me to my passion. I was finally able to truly focus on my baking business and after ups and downs, determining my niche and finding the clientele that supported me. I am so proud to say that my baking business flourished with a steady flow of loyal clients who fell in love with my gift. They loved the fact that they got homemade goods at a professional quality, with my own spin on creative customisation. That continuous recognition and support was reflected in my waiting list! After years of wondering if I was doing the right thing, I was finally turning people away on my own terms and it was more because I was too busy! I had a line up for the grand opening of SweetLeigh Created and I have never cherished the memories more.

Interviewer: A story of blood, sweat and tears!

Leigh: …and stubborn determination!

Interviewer: And still…when is your down time? When do you take a break from it all?

Leigh: Travelling. I have always wanted to travel and aside from family vacations to visit family living abroad we never really did much of that. So once I got my finances in order and had the time and money I was granted the freedom to plan vacations around the world for inspiration and relaxation. The first place I chose was France…speaking French while touring the sites of Paris. The hot sun and beaches with cool breezes blowing off the ocean as I watch the palm trees sway and listen to the waves crash against the shoreline has always been my serenity. So I decided to go island hopping, the next major trip I took was Brazil!

Interview: A life of luxury! Any advice for our viewers?

Leigh: Nothing comes from nothing. I was on a journey, still am as a matter of fact. Throughout the journey I met people who stayed with me, people who just taught me and people who I was able to help. Once I made the commitment, I was able to grow a six-figure income and retire from my job. From there, I focused on entrepreneurship while making my own schedule. My team grew steadily at first, then exponentially as the momentum became contagious. Now we are a powerhouse of varying specialities who love our businesses and have been blessed with both financial and time freedom. Our common goal? We had the ability to teach others how to do the same. I not only grew my team, I developed amazing relationships along the way and got another family in the process. I wake up every morning feeling blessed and just waiting to see what comes next!

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